Delivery policy

1.  Mode of delivery:

1.1.  Hình thức 1:

Use transportation vendor of Cuckoo Vina.

1.2.  Hình thức 2:

Customer specify the vendor by themselves.

2.  Time of delivery:

2.1.  Normal delivery:

From 2-3 working days after confirming the order successfully (excluded Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

2.2.  Intercity delivery:

From 5-7 working days after confirming the order successfully (excluded Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

2.3. In some cases of force majeure (bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, damaged vehicles on the way of delivery, problems in the delivery process, holidays, etc.) delay in delivery or service provision, Cuckoo Vina will contact customers directly for information and handling.

2.4. In the meantime, if you have any questions about delivery process, please contact Cuckoo Vina via hotline: 18006241.

3.  Delivery charge:

3.1. In case the customer uses delivery method 1, the delivery cost will be calculated according to the listed delivery fee table. This cost will be notified and confirmed by Cuckoo Vina to you before you make the payment and we send the goods.

3.2. In case you use delivery method 2, you are responsible for all charges and related losses.

Note: Please instruct your vehicle comes to Cuckoo Vina’s warehouse door. We will support in transporting the goods out to your vehicle door and handing over the goods to your designated carrier.

4.  Responsibility for shipping goods:

4.1. Cuckoo Vina will be responsible for handling the goods we directly transport; The Store, agents and distributors will be responsible for handling the goods that customer directly transport from the point of stuffing goods into your vehicle.

4.2. The customer is a help of checking the goods when receiving. When detecting damaged goods, layers, broken, dented, or wrong products, please sign the goods situation with the deliver and immediately notify the Cuckoo Vina customer service department.

4.3. After you received the goods without any notes or comments about the goods, the Store, agents, distributors are not responsible for the return and exchange requests because of damage, breakage, breakage, foam. distorted, wrong goods, …. from client after this.

5.  Other conditions:

5.1. To avoid lost or damaged goods, Cuckoo Vina only delivers to the correct recipient and the address registered by the customer when purchasing.

5.2. For heavy and bulky products that need to be transported to the floor without an elevator, please assist in receiving the goods at the ground floor lobby.

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